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You meant so much to so many.
I’m not quite sure how to do justice to you
if they’re ready to say goodbye.
I know I’m not.

You made the news and the paper for days and days,
but it hardly seems fair. 
The whole world should know your name.
I want them to know your name. 

And you will always be perfect,
you’ll always be beautiful.
Our hearts, will never forget you.
You didn’t belong here, 
and it’s become so clear why heaven called your name.

And it just doesn’t seem right, was it really your time? 
Are we dreaming? 
We’ll never let go of you. 
Wish you were here, but it’s becoming clear,
that Earth’s just not the place for an angel like you.

And now we, must let you move forward. 
Our love lies with you.
Our souls fly with you, Amelia.

This is to my friend Rita, who died by suicide a week ago today. I love you. RIP.

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